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By Mwangi Jay
Posted on 28 Aug 2012 at 3:54pm


In the past, we at have supported K-Nel and his fashion line Angohili that was recently launched in Kenya, and we have the posts to prove it (click here)… Now, rumors are popping up that shed a more negative light on the entrepreneur.  We hope it isn’t true…

Via GhettoRadio:

Kenyan Born Rapper based in the Germany Nelson Muriuki popularly known by his stage name K-Nel has found himself on the spotlight after numerous Kenyan rappers accused him of being a con.

Rapper Abbas Kubaff ranted on his facebook page saying and I quote, “reality cheque:it has come to my attention that the music industry has been invaded by individuals who are eventually destroying it by doing bad bizness and violating artist rights. this individual called k-nel anglohili is going round town giving artists fake deals….word to all my fellow artists..Brake that circle…i am hip-hop so i must protect me!”

Other hip- heads also came out claiming that the rapper owes them money for work they have done for him, one rapper said that that K-Nel only does phone deals which make it easy for him to swindle guyz.

Maybe we can grab an interview with Nelson to see what he has to say about this… in the mean time, what do you guys think?

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