The K-Nel “Con” Drama – “Putting Controversy in The COFFIN!! ” Nelson Muriuki Says4 Comments

By Tenille
Posted on 30 Aug 2012 at 6:41pm

Rapper & Owner of fashion line Angohili Nelson Muriuki A.K.A K-Nel is fired up from the con-artist allegations that were publically posted on by rapper Abbas Kubaff on his Facebook page earlier this week.  Kubaff wasn’t shy in blaming Nelson for doing shady business with local Kenyan artists,  “violating artist rights [... and] going round town giving artists fake deals.”  You can catch up on that previous post if you haven’t heard about it yet, HERE.

I personally have not contacted Abbas about these comments yet, but I have started some research in the last day, asking around to find out if I could find any artists that could come out in public on our blog and share what their disconcernments are in regards to working with Nelson, if any.  No one has come forward yet as of today.

Meanwhile, K-Nel has been venting on Twitter as many celebrities seem to do nowadays.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but normally when people have accusations thrown at them, it’s not shocking to see them get defensive and want to prove themselves.

Sooooo….. K-Nel says he is staying positive and in defense to us, mentioned that he was fully responsible for funding the #kenyahiphopnight Events that go down around the 29th of September, including the cost of paying the Artists involved & for promotion costs.  Budget for The first Event was said to be 151,000.  Looking ahead he plans on staying focused because the Anglohili clothing line which was recently launched in Kenya, will also launch in Uganda in October. He declared that he already appointed a “kenyahiphopcabinet” in Kenya that will handle marketing for an upcoming “HipHop Act” in the country.  The brother even sent to KenyaCelebrities, pictures of some sales reciepts – that we have posted for our readers below, provided as “proof” that no one else has been taking care of his expenses.

Surely not the end of this blown up drama, Nelson promises to post something special for his nonbelievers/accusers on his YouTube Channel in the next few days…. So I guess we all who are interested will have to stay tuned for that.

So what does everyone think about this story?  And, who’s side do you believe??  Also, if you have something to share, hit us up at KenyaCelebrities.Com and let us know.

*to be continued*



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    1. Also, I noticed Mr. Muriuki conveniently deleted a post from the anglohili facebook wall. It was Mr green: director, videographer & photographer who did work for Anglohili. He posted he didn’t paid for his work… coincidence?


    2. Dust, mirrors, and lots of noise. Mr. Muriuki provides no real proof.


    3. K-Nel con with ego problem. Liar and cheat. Anglohili is POS ghost company.. An empty pot make a lot of noise… and he be very loud. 100% bankrupt wit all his debts too. He pretend be big shot rapper CEO, but can not pay small bills..

      Not get scammed brothas.


    4. Over three months ago I ordered a pair of Anglohili sneakers with Nelson Michael Mithamo Muriuki aka K-Nel. I sent the funds straight from my bank account to his, and from that point the run-around begun. By the time I had started asking for a refund, he was accusing me of receiving merchandise and then apologising for not sending anything (bi-polar behaviour). It took me contacting a certain friend we have in common for him to send me money back. However instead of sending it to my bank account, he sent it via western union so they could screw me on the rate. 
      I hope he is reading this because I intend to collect on every penny he owes me. He calls himself a “Kenyan Jew”, very offensive to Jews if you ask me, so I will show him how frugality can hurt the bottom-line.


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